The Edward Thomas Fellowsip

The Edward Thomas Fellowship was founded in 1980 and exists to:

• perpetuate the memory of Edward Thomas and foster interest in his life and works conserve the countryside known to Edward Thomas and recorded in his writings keep people in touch with relevant happenings and arrange events which extend fellowship
• keep members abreast of relevant literary matters

Since its foundation, the Fellowship has arranged or assisted with various events and activities including:

• The Birthday Walk – a commemorative walk around Steep on the anniversary of the poet’s birth (3rd March)
• placing plaques on houses lived in by Edward Thomas
• arranging recitals of Edward Thomas’s poetry and prose writings and performances of Elected Friends, Lights Out and For You, Helen, dramatic works based on his life and influence
• placing a seat below the memorial stone on the Shoulder of Mutton Hill near Steep, in memory of Rowland and Cherry Watson whose enthusiasm led to the dedication of the memorial to Edward Thomas in 1937
• encouraging publishers to reprint editions of Edward Thomas’s prose works
• helping to institute in Poets Corner, Westminster Abbey, a memorial to Edward Thomas and 12 other poets of the First World War
• helping various bodies, including the Imperial War Museum, to stage exhibitions
• campaigning against proposed developments which have threatened to damage the countryside known and loved by Edward Thomas
• leading walks around places associated with Edward Thomas
• organising seminars, concerts and other events
• administering the Edward Cawston Thomas Memorial prize for original writing related to Edward Thomas and his concerns
• publishing notecards and a CD

Link to ETF Website : Membership details can also be found on this site.

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