The Birthday Walk 2014

The Edward Thomas Fellowship stage a commemorative Birthday Walk on the nearest Sunday to the poet’s Birthday (3rd March). This event is the main annual gathering for Fellowship members.

The Edward Thomas Fellowship Birthday Walk 2014 took place at Steep, near Petersfield on Sunday 2nd March. Around 53 people joined the morning walk, which started at Bedales School and included a visit to the memorial stone on the Shoulder of Mutton Hill. Appropriate poems and prose were read at strategic points along the 5 mile route. After the wettest winter on record, there was some flooded areas to contend with, but the walk organiser (Mike Cope) ensured that everyone got round safely, with the minimum of mishaps. BBC Radio 4 were again on hand to record some of the readings for a programme they are making on the poet’s wife, Helen Thomas. The afternoon walk included a visit to Yew Tree Cottage, the Thomas family’s third home in Steep. The day ended at All Saints Church, Steep, with afternoon tea, a short AGM and the Birthday Tribute. The latter included readings from a 1914 article by Edward Thomas, entitled ‘Tipperary’ – which describes what ordinary people in the Midlands and the North thought about the war.

Further details of the two routes taken are given in the following pdf file : ETFBirthdayWalk2014


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